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Officers and Committees


Listed below is the current information for Officers and Committees. If any information needs to be updated, please email webmaster at nwmvca dot org.

Ed Burnett

President Elect
Cheryl Phippen

Vice President -
James Lunders

Past President-
Angela Beehler

Secretary/Treasurer -
Gayle Fellows

Executive Director -
Jason Kinley

State and Provincial Representatives


British Columbia -
Burke Phippen

Saskatchewan -
Wade Morrow

United States

Idaho -
Tim Bennett

Montana -
Bruce Gunderson

Oregon -
Lyndsey Pearce

Washington -
Jay Lawrence

Industry -
Dean Gieser

Trustee -
Honda Johnson

America Mosquito Control Assoc. -
James Lunders


The following committees are currently looking for active members:

  • Audit Committee
  • Legislative Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Program Committee
  • Resolution Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Public Education